Why Have My Loved Ones Gone?
(published by Horace Waters, N.Y., 1861)
Why have my lov’d ones gone,
Like the dew ’neath the early sun?
Why am I left alone,
While all their troubles here done?
My days of youth have passed away
And the shades of life are near,
But I still remain to mourn the happy days
Where dear departed friends were here.
Why have my lov’d ones gone,
Gone to return no more
Calmly gliding o’er a Summer sea
Whilst I’m left plodding on the shore?
Why have my lov’d ones gone,
From the joys and pains of life?
Why do I still live on,
Alone to battle in the strife?
Alone to struggle in the fray,
Till my earthly cares are done;
While the young, the fair have vanish’d from the day,
Before their sorrows had begun.
Why have my lov’d ones gone,
While the Springtime is on the breeze?
Gliding the hill side farm,
And breathing music thro’ the trees!
The birds are singing in the air,
And the flow’rs are in their bloom;
All things around are beautiful and fair
But still my spirit lies in gloom.